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Product information:
Scope of Application: underwater. Deep soil
Specifications: hand-held detector Black, hand-held detector Orange
Operating frequency: 9.5 kHz
Tuning: automatic or manual (re-tuning)
Indicator: audio/vibration/LED
Temperature Range: 5 ᄚ to 158 ᄚ (-15 ᄚ to 70ᄚC)
Target Indication: buzzer, vibration (optional)
Target response: Static
Coil: 4.7 "x3"/12x9cm
Weight: 320g/11 oz without battery
Size: 35.8X9x5cm
Battery: 9V, alkaline or rechargeable battery
Battery lire: typical 20 hours

Power supply: Battery (not included)

Product Description:
Dive detector is a handheld fully waterproof metal detector designed for use during treasure hunts in streams, lakes, under the sea... Find metal objects precisely in the water. Used in conjunction with an underground metal detector to help pinpoint metal targets, it also has sound and vibration alarms that indicate the specific location of metal objects and increase in intensity when approaching metal targets. Dive detector has a 4.7 "x3" inch scuba shaped detection disk, which is different from other pointer shaped detectors. Even small metal particles can be easily detected and are more sensitive to gold and silver, greatly improving the sensing distance and scanning area. LED lights can help in dark and low-light conditions. The battery compartment is designed using an integrated plastic waterproof shell, an integrated injection molding button, a bone conduction principle co-vibrating horn and a bottle cap seal principle, which can be easily used in 60 meters of water and has high durability. Combined with the ergonomic detection disk Angle design, it can operate reliably even in harsh environments.

Packing list:
1 x Diving handheld metal detector+ 1 x User manual +1 x Anti-release Bracelet (Paracord)  Product Image:

Diving Coil Metal Detector Waterproof Detector

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