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Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging

Enhance your living space with our Intelligent Multifunctional Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger. This all-in-one device combines convenience, technology, and aesthetics to elevate your home decor while offering a range of useful features.

Key Features:

  • 4 in 1 Alarm Clock: This multifunctional device serves as an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and atmosphere night light, making it a versatile addition to your home.
  • Multifunctional: This alarm clock can meet your diverse needs with various functions. From waking up to your favourite tunes to charging your mobile devices wirelessly, it's designed to simplify your daily routine.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Enjoy high-quality audio with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Stream your favourite music wirelessly or take calls with ease.
  • Timed Alarm Clock: Set alarms to wake up or manage your schedule precisely. Never miss an important appointment or deadline again.
  • Mobile Wireless Charging: Say goodbye to tangled cords. Our wireless charging feature provides fast and reliable charging for your compatible devices. You can charge your iPhone, Samsung, and other models.
  • Fast Charge Clock: This intelligent clock not only keeps time but also offers fast charging capabilities, ensuring your devices are ready to go when you are.
  • Atmosphere Night Light Home Decor: Create a soothing ambience in your room with the atmospheric night light feature. Set the mood and relax after a long day.


Product information:
Colour: White
Style: Universal
Applicable type of charger: Fast Charging

Packing list:
Bluetooth speaker * 1External standard SKU: CJSJ1000997

Benefits of using our Multifunctional Practical Purposes and Wireless Charger

  • Convenient All-in-One Device: Simplify your life with this multifunctional device that combines several essential features into one compact unit.
  • Space-Saving Design: With its sleek and compact design, this alarm clock saves valuable space on your bedside table or desk.
  • Enhances Home Decor: This versatile piece serves practical purposes and adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to your home decor.
  • Fast and Wireless Charging Capability: Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging with reliable and fast charging speeds, ensuring your devices are always ready for use.
  • Bluetooth Speaker for Music and Calls: Immerse yourself in high-quality audio, whether playing music or taking calls. The Bluetooth speaker delivers exceptional sound quality.
  • Timed Alarm Clock to Manage Schedules: Stay on top of your appointments and commitments with the timed alarm clock feature, helping you manage your time effectively.

Experience the perfect blend of technology and aesthetics with our Intelligent Multifunctional Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger. Elevate your home decor while enjoying the convenience and functionality of this innovative device. It's a must-have addition to any modern living space and is suitable for home decor lovers, busy professionals, tech enthusiasts, and students alike.


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4 in 1 Intelligent Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Speaker Atmosphere Night Light Home Decor

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