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Wireless Waterproof Doorbell

  • IP44 waterproof and dustproof: wireless doorbell button can be used outdoors, and can withstand wind, rain, snow, and other severe weather conditions. Suitable for home, office, small supermarket, apartment, and other occasions. Ultra-low power consumption design, energy-saving, and environmental protection, sustainable use.
  • Easy to install and long-distance control: you only need to stick double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the button, directly stuck in the place you need, the receiver is directly plugged into the socket you need, and you can complete the installation. The range of the doorbell control is 500 feet / 150 meters (the open area control is 1000 feet / 300 meters). Super remote control, strong bell penetration, stable signal. Make sure you never miss any visitors, even if you're a few rooms away.

  • Intelligent anti-interference performance: waterproof doorbell in the transmitter and receiver between the application of different electronic coding technology, effectively avoiding interference with other equipment. A plug-in receiver does not interfere with other Wi-Fi devices in your home or neighborhood.
  • Adjustable volume and a variety of options: the doorbell offers 50 adjustable classical music ringtones with adjustable volume. LED indicators provide you with a visual form of notification (a nice feature for people with hearing loss).

  • You get : 2 plug-in receiver + 1 button transmitter + 1 battery + 1 double-sided sticker + 2 screws + 1 instruction.With sound and flash, the doorbell gives you a visual and auditory form of notice. Give you more options.
    Adjustable Volume, if you have a baby or child at home, you can choose to reduce the volume of the doorbell - this is a good option for a nap!
    Waterproof Door Bell compact and stylish exterior design. Satisfy all kinds of home furnishing, office buildings, hotels, factories, etc.
    The doorbell has 50 different musical chimes to choose from, and selecting the sound is so easy, you can pick a different one every day!

    Easy Installation
  • Select the installation location and wipe it clean.
  • Method 1: put the double-sided glue on the back of the doorbell button. Put it where it needs to be installed. Press hard for 5 seconds until safe.
  • Method 2: there is a reserved screw hole on the back of the doorbell button box. Please be at the bottom of the doorbell transmitter gaps with a flat screwdriver down and gently pry. with a screw will after the box is fixed on the wall, and then install the button front cover.
  • If the battery is replaced, gently pry down with a flat screwdriver at the bottom clearance of the doorbell launcher, Replace the battery and install the button.

Power Consumption: Less than 0.5 W (standby mode)
Sensitivity: Less than -105 dBm
Power Supply: AC110V/220V,50Hz/60HZ
Encoding Mode: Digital Coding
Transmission Range: Transmission Range: 500ft /150m(300 Meter/1000FT in open area)

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